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Posted on: February 04, 2014

• New Volunteer Opportunities

Health, Counselling, & Disability Services as well as Student Academic Success Services are looking for volunteers for the 2014 year! Applications are due on Monday, February 10, 2014.

Interested students are encouraged to click here for more information.
Posted on: October 26, 2013

• Crest of the Nursing Science Society

The elements that define the Nursing Science Society; leadership, tradition, and care, are now officially represented in our inaugural faculty crest.

Located at the top of the crest is a depiction of Florence Nightingale’s historic lamp. Florence Nightingale was a prominent figure during the Crimean War, who was best known for her nightly circulation of the wards of wounded soldiers. Her reform of patient care and contribution to nursing research was truly remarkable. Dubbed, “the lady with the lamp,” her dedication and selfless acts of goodwill have remain an inspiration to nurses everywhere.

Representing the tradition of medicine, the “Caduceus,” is located on the right side of the crest. As a testament to the understanding that nurses are life-long learners, only half of the symbol is depicted. Our professional journey begins at Queen’s University, yet the path we follow hereafter will differ. Nonetheless, while our careers will thrust us into a dynamic and ever-changing field, we will always be bounded by our love of nursing.

The three crowns depicted on the left side of the crest represent the “Three C’s of Nursing”: core, cure, and care. Lynda Hall developed this motto while advocating for the critically ill in the 1960s. Core represents the patient to whom nursing care is directed towards. Cure is the attention and focus of treatment given to patients. Care is the foundation of our profession. Core, Cure, and Care were bounded together through crowns, symbolizing our ties to Queen’s.

Our motto reads, “Vincat Scientia Morbos.” This is Latin for “conquering disease through knowledge.” Our knowledge guides our practice. With our continued desire to learn, our impact on society will have no boundaries.

This crest represents who we are.
We are the Nursing Science Society.

This is the first official crest representation of the Nursing Science Society. Special thanks to Taylor Mann (ArtSci’14), Jessica Searle (NSS President, 2013) and the NSS Council.

Posted on: May 18, 2013

• New Nursing Elective

The school of nursing is offering a new elective this year: NURS 425 - Managing for Success

Course Description:

"This course focuses on three key skills that a successful manager possesses; an understanding of financial management, negotiation and influence. In the three components of the course learners will examine, among other things, basic ideas of finance and accounting and how health care is funded in various jurisdictions; styles of negotiation and bargaining for an agreement; how people are influenced and how to exert it to achieve personal and organization goals.
- 3 hour lecture per week; 3 credit unit course.
- Prerequisite: year 3 of the BNSc program or by permission of the instructor."

Posted on: May 15, 2013

• NSS Website Construction

Bear with us as the NSS website goes under construction. We hope to be back up and running with updated information by September of the 2013 year. Questions, concerns? Email the executives.

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