We typically hold election periods once every semester depending on how many available roles there are on society. An announcement with the Nomination Package and detailed instructions are posted on Blackboard. Simply fill it out and run a campaign. If your peers vote for you, you get to join the team!


Unfortunately, Nursing Society is not involved with academic and Faculty affairs. Our job is to help support current students and provide resources and opportunities for them to enjoy their university experience. You can gain helpful information on the admission process and find contact information of staff who can help you at uwindsor.ca/nursing.


As long as your initiative aligns with the mission and values of Nursing Society, we are happy to help promote your event on our platform. Send your event information including any graphics and text to our Public Relations Coordinator, Reem Boudali, and she will let you know if we can help you out.



How to send an e-transfer 

  1. Select 'Manual Payment' as payment method when purchasing from the website

  2. Send e-transfer to uwinnursingsoc@gmail.com

  3. Use the e-transfer question: What program are we in? 

  4. Use the e-transfer Answer: Nursing *IF you require a number in your password please make it Nursing1, IF you require a  number and a character in your password please use Nursing1! 

  5. Use this link to complete the etransfer form: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=szP5EmE9GUuaTWiQId6MyVj7wkrTJ7VJoTlhIHBbzHhURTZVVzhaMTBBRUxOMU9PUVFIM0JWQ1pZUy4u 


*NOTE: If etransfer is not sent within 24 hours of purchase your order will be cancelled* 

**link may be subject to change with the new school year** 

​When are orders due?​

Each sale usually runs for about 2 weeks time. Check the advertising for the specific sale you are purchasing from for the exact dates. Advertisements for sales are typically found on the home page of our website and all social media platforms.

When/how will I get my clothing item?

Once the sale has closed, any orders submitted will be sent to our manufacturer.

Wait time is usually 3-4 weeks. Once your merchandise is available we will send you an email with details for pickup!

Secure Ordering & Payment Options

All students can purchase items with their credit card or etransfer via our secure checkout. Follow the steps above for etransfer. 


Returns & Refunds

Unfortunately, since our clothing items are custom made, we can not accept refunds or returns. If you would like to cancel your order made on our website, you must email us before the end of the sale.  

Still does not answer your question?

Feel free to contact us!


Thank you for shopping with us!