2022 Nursing Games

 What is Nursing Games? 

Nursing Games is an annual event that brings together all undergraduate nursing students within Ontario. Schools compete in various competitions to try and place first at the end of the event. Traditionally, Nursing Games has been held in-person, however, to ensure the safety of participants, this year's Games will be held in a virtual manner. Do not worry though! Our team has worked hard to create unique events that will still bring you loads of fun!

Nursing Games Poster.png

 When is it? 

April 10th from 1pm to 4pm

Keep an eye out for the official schedule!

 How much is registration? 

This year's games are FREE for all undergraduate nursing students within Ontario!

 What events can I expect? 

Lab Value Bingo

BINGO with a twist! Instead of numbers, your card will have lab values instead! We'll call out the lab along with whether it is high, low, or normal and you have to see if you've got that on your card! Don't worry about memorizing values though, we'll provide you with a cheat sheet with all the normal lab value ranges that we'll be using

Medical Movie Mishaps

We'll play clips from various medical movies and tv shows. Your job is to spot the medical error and tell us what the cast did wrong.

Medical Pictionary

Take turns with other teams drawing and guessing various medical terms!

PLUS other activities like Jeopardy!

 Who can be on my team? 

Teams can have up to 4 members, but they must all be from the same school.