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Fran Meloche

Student Success Coordinator

The Student Success Coordinator works within the Faculty of Nursing to improve student retention and success, with particular emphasis on undergraduate nursing programs. The primary focus is on academic advising and identifying students in danger of withdrawing from a nursing program (whether by choice or by requirement) and providing them with supports to enable their retention and eventual success. 
Students may reach out for advising or be contacted from the Student Success Coordinator if they are
• struggling in their theory or clinical course due to academic/personal circumstance 
• considering a change of their academic plan based on academic/personal circumstance 
• needing someone confidential to speak with about academic/personal circumstance other than their course professor or clinical instructor 
• having difficulty studying or need help with study tips 
• having difficulty with scheduling their option courses/electives around required nursing courses 
• having difficulty with transfer credits from other programs/universities 
• having difficulty with or questions about their degree audit 
• have difficulty transferring/transitioning from another setting (high school, college, university) 
• struggling financially, affecting academics
• having questions about or are exploring learning difficulties or Student Accessibility Services 
• looking for ways to increase their cumulative average or be more involved in nursing or on campus (peer support team, clubs) 
• in need of resume/career support 
The Student Success Coordinator is available Monday-Friday 8:30-4:30. 
Students may email directly for an appointment: or can view & book appointments online through mySuccess
Students are also invited to drop-in on Wednesday afternoons - these appointments are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.  
Contact Information:
Fran Meloche, RN MScN, Student Success Coordinator
University of Windsor; Faculty of Nursing
519-253-3000 x2274
Office Located Toldo, 2nd Floor, Nursing Student Success Centre, 201B